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The Motherlode of Sporting Events… The Olympics! July 24, 2012

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Hallo to Wenlock and Mandeville!

In general? Not such a sporty girl. In particular? I *heart* The Olympics! (Even though I can’t always watch -These athletes have trained so hard in hopes of winning a gold medal, and it’s a basic fact that not everyone can win. Who do you root for?) I am especially fond of the less popular sports, like rhythmic gymnastics and synchronized swimming, which aren’t always easy to catch in the schedule. But the Opening and Closing Ceremonies? Who doesn’t love all that crazy, over the top pageantry and showmanship!? And when the athletes enter in their “official” national costumes? Too much fun! (My only sad face comes when I see those wacky mascots Wenlock and Mandeville… but the last few mascot choices have been just as odd, right?) So now you know what I’ll be doing for sure on July 27th -and a good guess at what I’ll be doing a lot of until August 12th!

The Official London Olympics website.

Olympic Athletes Hub

And the Mascot’s Hub! (if you want to spend some quality time with the … with … er… with Wenlock and Madeville!)

Yes, this might cut into my quality reading time and all -but it’s the Olympics people! Let’s enjoy this sports-tacular time together, shall we?

— Stacey



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