Who Knew? Goats *do* Climb Trees!

By now you may have noticed that I enjoy books written for all ages, but if you haven’t? I do! So a while back I read Texas Gothic by Rosemary Clement-Moore -technically a teen book but would honestly appeal to just about anyone who likes supernatural-ish mysteries with a sense of humor- and Amy Goodnight mentions her Aunt Hyacinth has tree climbing goats. Wha…? Being a librarian and all, I had to look that up. It’s true! There are goats that climb trees! See for yourself:

Don’t they sound like kittens?


Trees! -Full of Goats!

This is the kind of thing that pleases me to no end! I read a book that I thoroughly enjoyed; it made me wonder about something that seemed like it couldn’t be real; I searched for information; and I found these amazing images! Thank you Ms. Clement-Moore, for teaching me to look up to the tree tops in hopes of finding a climbing goat!

— Stacey


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