Calendar Girls

As a girl I was given a “February Angel” for my birthday, which has traveled with me through the decades. I also remember my sister’s “November Angel.” It was lost and later replaced. In the early 1980’s I began going to garage sales. One day I found a girl angel for October and a boy angel for July. With that discovery I was off and running, looking for other figurines. Two different companies NAPCO and LEFTON produced their own version of inexpensive, ceramic figurines. Both of these companies created more than one line of figurines and pretty soon I was collecting them all. Over the years I have passed on individual angels to friends and family. I did decide to keep building one set that I felt would keep me looking for a while. The description will sound a little strange but they are very cute. The “flower” girls are each portrayed with a single bloom hat. The type of flower is matched with the month that girl is representing. The hem of their skirt is decorated with blooms sitting next to each other. Each girl is holding a white sign that has the name of their month written in cursive. Each one is posed a little differently but November and December have the cutest poses of them all. I found the first one of this series in a nearby antique shop. She is the month of March and she is portrayed with daffodils. I was immediately hooked. My collecting frenzy sent me to the nearest library to look for books that would show what each company had produced. Lefton China Company has a couple of books by Loretta DeLozier . NAPCO (originally a Cleveland Company) did not have a book at the time but eventually one was published by Kathleen Deel. These books can still be found in the nonfiction collection of some libraries. I found them very helpful. Over the years I found 10 of the flower girls. I was missing November (my sister’s month) and June (my Mom’s month). Somewhere along the way I found November. Last Saturday I went into a small store in Lakewood and I found June. I am delighted and I just had to share.



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