Tuesday at the Movies

This week’s movie update sadly does not include any movie reviews. Why? Well, because I haven’t watched anything! Hopefully next week will bring more free and wakeful evenings for viewing of our excellent (if I do say so myself) DVD collection!

On to the list of new DVDs at your favorite library:

April 10th:
The Darkest Hour: A sci-fi adventure about an alien attack in Moscow – never really heard of this one, but it’s got Emile Hirsch in it, so it’s gotta be somewhat watchable?
Happy Feet Two: Penguins galore!
The Iron Lady: Meryl Streep as Margaret Thatcher – not sure if I want to watch this, but probably will because of Meryl.
King of Devil’s Island: showed this one at our Indie Film Fest – a dark story from Norway about a revolt at a boy’s detention home in the early 20th century – brooding, scary and very well-acted.
Secrets of the Titanic: a documentary from National Geographic about this infamous event.

April 17th:
Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol: Tom Cruise in yet another Mission Impossible film…
Treme: Complete 2nd Season: I’ve heard all sorts of good things about this series about New Orleans, but have yet to check it out.

Happy Watching!

~ Dori


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