Two Delightful Irish Authors

Patrick Taylor

is a distinguished medical research worker, an off-shore sailor, a model boat-builder, genealogist, and author. The “Irish Country” series is reminiscent of James Herriot. The series is set in the rural Irish town of Ballybucklebo, a small Northern Ireland village filled with delightful characters.

1. An Irish Country Doctor (2007) 2. An Irish Country Village (2008) 3. An Irish Country Christmas (2008) 4. An Irish Country Girl (2010) 5. An Irish Country Courtship (2010) 6. A Dublin Student Doctor (2011)

Ralph McInerny

who died in 2010, was a professor of philosophy and medieval studies at the University of Notre Dame and a popular mystery writer. The “University of Notre Dame” mysteries features Roger Knight, a Notre Dame professor, and his brother Philip, a semi-retired private investigator.

1. On This Rockne (1997) 2. Lack of the Irish (1998) 3. Irish Tenure (1999) 4. The Book of Kills (2000) 5. Emerald Aisle (2001) 6. Celt and Pepper (2002) 7. Irish Coffee (2003) 8. Green Thumb (2004) 9. Irish Gilt (2005) 10. The Letter Killeth (2006) 11. Irish Alibi (2007) 12. The Green Revolution (2008) 13. Sham Rock (2010) 

Happy Reading!


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