The Best Month(?)

That’s the title of John Gladden’s “My Ohio”  column in the February 2012 edition of Ohio Magazine. Except for the question mark, I added that. But c’mon, calling February in Ohio “the best” – I don’t think anyone could convince me. However, I found myself being swayed by his words and I think you can consider me converted! For example, after making it out of your warm bed into the bitter cold:

It’s work just driving around. But you do it. You make it. You get back home and you feel a lift, a sense of accomplishment. Walking through the door of your own house never feels as sweet as it does in February.

And then, his discussion of one of my favorite things, soup:

With soup, you bring you face to the food. You bend. You hunker. You hunch. You supplicate. You souplicate. You breathe the steam and it warms you inside and out. You browse the latest seed catalog while you eat, gazing at alluring pictures of Swiss chard and golden sweet corn. You feel better.

Check out the rest of his musings on February in the article in the current issue (available to read in the library), or treat yourself to some of his earlier articles for Ohio Magazine online.

— Julie

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