Our Top Ten of 2011 (plus maybe a bonus book to make “11” -right?)

Did you see this coming? Were you hoping it’d be soon? Me too! So looking back at The Top Ten of 2010? I’d say the variety of titles was pretty impressive -and I can’t wait to see what people loved enough to make their list *this* year! In an effort to keep myself busy and out of trouble, I’ve been perusing some of the many “best of” lists that have already been published…

Goodreads Choice Awards
Library Journal Top Ten
Librarians’ Best Books of 2011
Kirkus’ Best of 2011 -in many categories!
New York Times 10 Best of 2011

And that’s just the beginning of what will surely be a “best of” list bonanza in the days to come! From Monday through Friday this week the Adult Services Department will be posting their list of favorite books read this year -again, that’s *read* not *published* this year. Everyone will be presenting their own list in their own style, but I’m guessing there will be at least one or two titles you see more than once… Whoo boy! Can you feel the tension mounting?… Come on Monday!

— Stacey

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