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Tuesday at the Movies November 29, 2011

Posted by Dori in Movies.

OK, OK, I’m a couple of weeks behind, but I’m here this week to catch up and let you know about all the new DVDs that are being added to the library shelves:

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides: the latest (and last?) in the series with Johnny Depp.
Beginners: A funny romantic comedy with Ewan McGregor and Christoper Plummer.
Larry Crowne: A Tom Hanks/Julia Roberts production about an older student who has a crush on his teacher.
The Tree: Charlotte Gainsbourg returns in a film directed by Julie Bertolucci about a young widow.
Main Street: Written by Horton Foote, this film about a small southern city stars Colin Firth – enough said.
Bellflower: Two friends design weapons for a post-apocalyptic world – flame-throwers, anyone?

Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World: Another in the series directed by Robert Rodriguez
Sarah’s Key: Based on a well-loved novel by Sarah Dunant, this stars the always great Kristin Scott Thomas as a modern day journalist researching a family of deported Jews during the Nazi occupation of France.
Super 8: J.J. Abram’s much anticipated movie about a group of kids investigating supernatural occurences in an Ohio town.
Conan the Barbarian: No need to add more.
Devil’s Double: A look at the house of Saddam Hussein through the eyes of the body double of Hussein’s sadistic son.

Crazy Stupid Love: A great cast (Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Julianne Moore) explore the ins and outs of relationships.
30 Minutes or Less: Comedy about a pizza guy who’s kidnapped and forced to rob a bank – aimed at the teenage boy in all of us.
Our Idiot Brother: Paul Rudd stars as well, you guessed it.
One Day: Based on the best-selling book by David Nicholls, this one is aimed at the romantic in all of us.
The Art of Getting By: Slacker boy meets beautiful girl and his life is changed forever.
Tucker & Dale vs. Evil: A slapstick slasher movie for fans of Shaun of the Dead.
The Future: Hipster Miranda July’s movie about the effects of adopting a stray cat on a couple.
Seven Days in Utopia: A young golfer gets advice from an eccentric rancher in Utopia, Texas.

Sons of Perdition: An inside look at polygamist teens boys who have been banished from their religious community.
Cave of Forgotten Dreams: Werner Herzog films an expedition into the nearly inaccessible Chauvet Cave in France to discover artwork created more than 30,000 years ago.

Smallville, Season 10
30 Rock, Season 5
Hot in Cleveland, Season 2

Whew, that was a lot to get through….

Happy Watching!




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