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Movie Monday October 24, 2011

Posted by Dori in Movies, Thoughtful Ramblings.

“Movie Monday” is a new addition here at Read it or Weep that will focus on the stellar DVD collection at RRPL.  I’m hoping to include a weekly list of new DVD releases, highlight movies I’ve seen or want to see and maybe chat about any other movie related items that strike my fancy.

This week is a little barren for new DVD releases. For you comic book movie fans, there’s Captain America: The First Avenger, Marvel’s comic adventure set during World War II about Steve Rogers’ transformation from scrawny kid into superhero. It’s supposed to be action packed and full of period details and will help prepare you for The Avengers coming out in May of next year (and partially filmed in Cleveland!). Also here this week is family favorite Winnie the Pooh Movie, a trip back in time full of gentleness and charm.

Of course, All Hallow’s Eve and Dia de los Muertos are fast approaching and you may want to check out a horror movie, turn down the lights and scare the pants off yourself! I’m not a big fan of movies that threaten death and dismemberment, but I do like scary films like The Birds or The Shining. Check out our display of “Eerie Movies” and celebrate the season.

Happy Watching.

~ Dori



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