Still Celebrating the Freedom to Read 2011!

I can’t speak for everyone, but I feel pretty confident there is a large group of fellow readers who grew up after Judy Blume started writing and would choose Ms. Blume as an all-time favorite author! Does that seem like a startling statement? No, probably not. But it should be startling to know how often, how many of her books have been challenged for discussing real-life thoughts and feelings as seen through the eyes of a child. According to the American Library Association “…if every one of Judy Blume’s books was challenged–but only once–not one of her books would make the top 10 list, but she herself would make the most challenged author list.” Isn’t that a surprise? I thought so too! What does Ms. Blume say about censorship? Take a peek at her website and you’ll be able to read a variety of her responses. Very interesting!

Two more surprising censorship moments? How about The 11 Most Surprising Banned Books? And why not put your knowledge to the test in a quiz? You might surprised by all the facts you’ve learned so far, or maybe you’ll be surprised by an answer? Either way. Keep on reading those challenged books my friends!

— Stacey


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