Freedom to Read Week 2011!

Yipee! It’s Freedom to Read Week! True, this week is more commonly known as Banned Books Week, but you know how much I like to see my glass as half-full, right? Hence my use of  the phrase “Freedom to Read Week!” I like that we might spend time considering how lucky we are to have the chance to fight for our right to read books that have non-majority opinions or books that make some people uncomfortable by discussing “taboo” topics. I like this because if we can’t read and write about ideas that feel revolutionary, how are we truly honoring the best aspects of what the United States of America represents? If we don’t exercise our Freedom of Speech, why have so many people fought -on our collective behalf- for that right? And so this week I’d like to encourage everyone to read a book that’s been challenged!

Banned and/or Challenged Classics
Frequently Challenged Books of the 21st Century
Top 100 Banned/Challenged Books: 2000-2009
100 most frequently challenged books: 1990–1999
Most Frequently Challenged Authors of the 21st Century

So much to choose from -isn’t that kind of sad? But I’ll be picking my first challenged book to enjoy today, will you join me?

— Stacey


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