Summertime and the Movies are Easy…

What movies to watch this summer with two adults and two teenagers in the house?  I know a lot of folks go to the local multiplex for the latest blockbuster, but we’re looking for a few DVDs to watch from our comfy couch.  I’ve thought about a series – last summer, my brother, son and I watched all the Alien movies over a week.  My son enjoyed the action and aliens, and my brother, of course, Sigourney Weaver.  And now that the last Harry Potter movie has been released, I know that it’s been popular to make a night or two (or three) of it and revisit all the past films, but we’ve seen all the films fairly recently. Maybe The Matrix? Or Back to the Future?  We watched the first Planet of the Apes, but I’m not sure I can sit through the rest (can you believe that they actually made four more movies?!).

In the meantime, we’ve watched a few oldies but goodies: Harold and Maud, The Shining (my son wanted to watch some classic horror films) and Breaking Away. Next up are a few Hitchcock films and some Bill Murray classics like Stripes and Meatballs.

Another month and late nights of movie watching will end, but at least we’ll have a few fond memories of screaming, laughter and lots and lots of popcorn.

~ Dori


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