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Taking the Trash Out May 9, 2011

Posted by Janet in Thoughtful Ramblings.

Librarians love books and love reading. We also love to talk about books and give out recommendations. A few years ago I was standing next to one of our more exuberant librarians, when a patron approached and asked her “What are you reading?” I was interested in what she would say because “word of mouth” is sometimes the best source for discovering worthwhile books.  Her one word reply was “trash.” I was dumbfounded and yet I loved the answer. If Donna was able to claim her trash, anybody could, including me.

 Acceptable Risk by Robin Cook was a paperback I found in a rented beach house while on vacation. I decided to read it because I was on vacation and who would ever know? Published in 1994, the book was probably prompted by the popularity of Prozac. As a medical thriller, I knew something would have to go wrong and it did. However, I did not expect people to turn into something beastly at night and kill innocent bystanders as a side-effect of a new antidepressant. This book deserved to be put in the trash bin.

Overall I do think that “trash” should be helpful. I find that after a day of work when I go home I need a simple distraction to unwind.  Sometimes I take home “those magazines” and read what truly is trash and I love every minute of it. Watching trash sometimes does the trick. Usually I watch an episode of Law & Order which I do not consider trash but last week it wasn’t really helping me relax so I decided to look for another program. The Real Housewives of Orange County was on! Perfect! After an hour of catching up with Vicki, Tamra, Alexis and Gretchen I felt so much better and I was able to have a productive evening.

You may not have crossed the line into the world of trash. I avoided it most of my life but now that I see its value, I laugh about my unexpected transformation.




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