James Bond…16th-Century Style

Sometimes when you read outside of your comfort zone, you can be pleasantly surprised. I certainly enjoy reading mysteries, and historicals, and fantasy. But would a blend of all three work?  I answered “yes,” after reading The Silver Skull by Mark Chadbourn. It stars a James Bond-like spy who goes up against supernatural armies in order to protect his Queen and people, in 16th-Century England.

Will Swyfte is England’s greatest spy. Will’s greatest challenge lies not with the Spaniards, who wish to conquer the British. His true fight is with the dark Unseelie court, a magical faerie race that has darkly roamed among humans for years, spreading death and despair. Now, the Unseelie court holds the power of the silver skull in their grasp. Can Will save his country from doom? The supernatural mixes with Elizabethan elements to create a riveting read. What can be better? Oh yes, a sequel! Book two in the “Swords of Albion” series The Scar-Crow Men will be out any day. It’s practically instant gratification.           ~Carol




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