Celebrate Women’s History Month

Did you know that it is Women’s History Month?  March has been set aside as the month in both the United Kingdom and in the United States to highlight contributions of women to events in history and contemporary society.

Want to read more? Here are just a few of the resources that you can find about women’s history here at Rocky River Public Library:

Born for Liberty by Sara Evans. The diversity of women’s experiences and their changing social and political influence is well presented in this highly readable, multicultural volume.

Buckeye Women : the History of Ohio’s Daughters by Stephane Elise Booth. Presents an accessible and comprehensive account of the role Ohio women have assumed in the history of the state and a narrative of their hardships and of the victories that have been won in the past two hundred years.

When Everything Changed : the Amazing Journey of American Women from 1960 to the Present by Gail Collins. Collins shows the sexism that women (and men) once accepted as the norm, and she backs up her often eye-opening stories with hard facts and solid statistics.

In Our Time : Memoir of a Revolution by Susan Brownmiller. For those seeking a narrative rather than analytical history, Brownmiller offers an enthralling mix of lively stories about her own activities and interviews with other participants in one of the most influential social movements of our time.

So, how will you celebrate Women’s History Month?  ~Carol


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