Let’s Swap!

Need a great way to spruce up your wardrobe for spring but don’t want to spend any of that hard-earned tax return money? Try hosting a clothing swap!

Clothing swaps, also called “Naked Lady Parties” are perfect opportunities to clear out your closets and get some new-to-you goodies along the way.

How it works:

Invite a gathering of ladies (or gents) over. Ask them to bring a maximum of 20 articles of clothes or accessories that they want to unload, but that others might use. Ideally, they would bring gently worn clothing articles that they aren’t wearing (too big? too small? looked better in mirror at the store). Assign a ‘value’ to each type of item ($3 shirts,$5 skirts, $10 coats, etc) and ‘pay’ your guests in monopoly money for items they bring. After the ‘cash’ is distributed, allow your guests to try on the gathered clothes. In the final hour, guests attempt to outbid each other for clothes that they want and will wear.  The highest bidder wins the item and bragging rights. Sound fun? It is! Now, go clear out those closets.    -Carol 


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