Beauty and the Beast

 The movie Beastly will be coming out in early March. This movie is based on the young adult novel by Alex Finn that came out in 2007. Check out our Reading Room review of the book. I, for one, loved this retelling of the fairy tale, Beauty and the Beast and really recommended this book to friends and family. When news came out this novel was being turned into a movie, I was excitedly looking forward to seeing the movie. However, having seen some of the early trailers on the television, I wonder how much of the movie stays true to the book. Hmmmm….one wonders when the original cover looked like this:and the new paperback version that is out now for the movie looks like this:  

In the book, Kyle is changed into a beast…one with fangs, claws and lots of hair! Kyle in the movie is turned into a beast but he certainly doesn’t look too hairy to me! I’m also having a hard time picturing Mary-Kate Olsen as Kendra the witch who puts Kyle under her magical spell. I also wonder how the Unexpected Changes chat group that Kyle goes to online will be portrayed. I hope the ending won’t be changed!….I’m sure glad that I have read the book first and once again, I think the book will be much, much better than the movie! We’ll see….

Happy Reading!             ~Donna

Of course, they have been many other novels based on the fairy tale, The Beauty and the Beast. If you’re interested, check out these titles from our Reading Room:

Beauty: A Novel by Susan Wilson, A Moment in Time by Judith Gould and The Bride Finder by Susan Carroll.

Remember….I’m the reader who loves Happy Endings….well, I just finished another novel based on The Beauty and the Beast fairy tale. It is the new historical romance paperback by Eloisa James titled When Beauty Tamed the Beast. I loved it! There’s the Beauty and naturally, there’s the Beast and a happy ending for all! Yeah!


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