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Latest Additions February 21, 2011

Posted by stacey in Fiction.
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I had determined not to mention the weather yet again, but how can I keep from commenting on what I saw out my window and on the way to work today? Opening the curtain on my big picture window this morning was my first alert to the trouble outside. I couldn’t see a thing! The whole window was a sheet of ice! And then I went outside. Holy moly, the ice coating everything? Beautiful -and horrible. The trees are fully coated with a thick layer of ice and it makes them look like sparkly decorations. It’s hard not to be impressed by how glittery the trees are, but then you have to think about how much all that ice must weigh. It’s too much. How long can some of those tree branches last with all that ice? Yep. Beautiful and horrible… and it made it impossible not to mention the weather. Right?

Once you’re done marveling at all that ice, would you like to read a book? Maybe one of the books recently added to The Reading Room? Like one of these:

The Cypress House by Michael Koryta
The Lord of Misrule by Jaimy Gordon
Heidegger’s Glasses by Thaisa Frank
Damages by John Lescroart

Whatever you decide to do? Just take it nice and slow…

— Stacey



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