Traffic made tolerable

Got stuck in traffic the other morning and normally it’d be a stinky way to start the day, but the positive was I finally got to listen to the whole Matt Morris cd. I’ve been enjoying the first half and the 2nd was also good. I knew before going in that he is a former Mouseketeer and fellow alum Justin Timberlake had produced it for his own label. Was this Disney nepotism? Would it sound like Britney Spears or J.C. Chavez? If so, I wasn’t too anxious to listen, but like Mikey, I tried it and I liked it. He’s got a mix of sounds going on – at various points I thought, Radiohead, Jason Mraz, Art Garfunkel, Coldplay – so there’s an interesting mix. It’s worth some time…especially helpful to make bad commute time go faster!

— Julie

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