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Latest Additions November 22, 2010

Posted by stacey in Fiction.
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Okay. So my big news of the day is that I got a haircut. Normally it wouldn’t be worth mentioning but it was a 12+ inches that were cut off and I feel pretty good about the whole thing… I grew my hair for donation. I’ve done this twice before and each of the three times I’ve donated my hair, I’ve been thinking about someone special to me. I’ll probably do it again, but I like to have a little break in between times so that I can forget how often I manage to pull my own hair when it gets to the stupidly long stage. If you’re interested in donating your hair, please check out Wigs for Kids, based in Westlake!, or Locks of Love.

And now let me suggest something else you might be interested in knowing, the newest books added to The Reading Room! As most people will have some extra time off this week, you might be looking for something good to read:

Stork by Wendy Delsol
The Replacement by Brenna Yovanoff
Moonlight Mile by Dennis Lehane
Far Bright Star by Robert Olmstead
Healer by Carol Wiley Cassella
I Still Dream About You by Fannie Flagg
Beautiful Darkness by Kami Garcia
Behemoth by Scott Westerfeld

As a bonus, may I point out that you can do both things at the same time? You can busily grow your hair for donation the *entire* time you’re reading! How fabulous is that?

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!

— Stacey



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