A Working Dog’s Story

Jon Katz is a prolific author; he has nineteen books to his name, seven of which are novels. He lives on a farm in rural New York with his wife and an assortment of animals, including his Border collies. His books about these medium-sized herding dogs drew me to his nonfiction, for I have also known the love and companionship of a sheepdog for fifteen years.

His newest novel, Rose in a Storm, is about a Border collie named Rose and her owner, Sam, a middle-aged farmer.  Rose and Sam face a raging blizzard and must keep the farm animals safe and fed. The snowstorm is the worst that anyone can remember, and they are toughing it out together, until Sam is seriously injured. When the National Guard comes with a helicopter to take Sam to the hospital, Rose refuses to go with him. She stays to protect and defend their farm.

Rose in a Storm is a touching and harrowing story of one dog’s courage and resilience. Author Katz does a superb job of showing the fierce love and loyalty between Rose and Sam.



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