The Best is Yet to Come

As one of the outreach librarians I take library materials to the people who live in Rocky River and can no longer get to the library themselves. The majority of the people I see are in their 80s, 90s and 100s. Our outreach patrons have never stopped being interested in life, which I think is one of the secrets to a long life. They stayed engaged with the world while bravely facing difficulties that come their way. They are positive and outgoing. Sometimes I see a quality that I also think is necessary – stubbornness.

In 2011, I will turn 60. This milestone has made me think about what I want to do that I haven’t done. It feels like now or never. At 60 I can audit classes at Cleveland State. I can move things to the front burner that have been on the back burner for a long time. It truly is exciting.

Jeanne Ray is one author that began her writing career at the age of 60. Julie and Romeo was her first book. It was very successful. Since then she has written Step−Ball− Change, Eat Cake and Julie and Romeo Get Lucky. I would highly recommend her as an author.

Another one of my favorite authors who got started at 61 is William Steig. He is a children’s author/illustrator probably best known for Sylvester and the Magic Pebble, which was awarded the Caldecott Medal for illustration. Mr. Steig also won the Newbery Medal for Doctor De Soto. His stories are unique and memorable. Mr. Steig’s vocabulary is also quirky and interesting. Two of my favorites are Brave Irene and Pete’s a Pizza 

We cannot stop the march of time but what we can do is live instead of merely existing. Be spontaneous, reinvent ourselves, find a creative outlet and above all soak it all in.


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