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Back on the Road Again…. July 14, 2010

Posted by Evelyn in Non-Fiction.

Tales from the Road: Memoirs from a Lifetime of Ohio Travel, Television and More by Neil Zurcher.

Neil Zurcher, the longtime TV host of Chanel 8’s “One Tank Trips” has created a nostalgic trip down memory lane for Clevelanders in his new book Tales from the Road.

Told in a folksy-style, Zurcher’s tales range from a poignant memory of a first girlfriend to some of the hilarious high jinks played by local TV personnel like Hoolihan the Weatherman, Big Chuck and Lil’ John, and even Dick Goddard! On one interview, he literally stumbled into President Gerald Ford and on another got caught using Prince Charles’ private bathroom. No assignment was too far-fetched for him—he rode a trapeze, a fighter jet and even a WWII tank. You’ll find many stories will bring tears to your eyes, from laughing as well as crying.

Part biography and part pure nostalgia, Tales from the Road is ultimately a welcome reminiscence for all of us who grew up in Cleveland.

This book was provided to our library for review by Gray & Co.




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