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Animals Make Us Human July 9, 2010

Posted by Ann in Non-Fiction, Pets.
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Not too long ago I read Animals Make Us Human by Temple Grandin. This is a very interesting book about animal behavior and animal research by the highly accomplished Dr. Temple Grandin, who is also a person with autism.
Anyone with an interest in animal welfare will find this book thought-provoking. As it happens, when I was reading this book, there was a movie on HBO about the life of Temple Grandin. I actually didn’t get to see this film, so am waiting for it to arrive at the library. The movie stars Claire Danes, is called Temple Grandin, and is scheduled for release on August 17.




1. mishibone - July 9, 2010

I haven’t read this book, because for personal reasons I stay away from Grandin’s books. Not that I hate her or anything; it’s something different. I too have Asperger’s, and until two years ago have spent my life with animals (being made more human by them) in a very different way than I think Grandin has. I have never been able to have the kinds of relationships I seek with any beings other than animals. And as regards what they can teach us, I learned more about courage and loyalty and patience and acceptance than I ever learned from any human being.

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