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Earth Day April 21, 2010

Posted by Megan in Thoughtful Ramblings.

April 22, 1991: Me and some friends headed to the Cleveland Metropark Zoo for the Earth Day Festivities. We wandered the zoo, listened to guest speakers, and stopped at every booth to get free stuff. At the end of the day I had some great swag, but the true treasure of the day was a sapling that I got at a booth sponsored by McDonald. It was some sort of pine tree in a little plastic bag (a little ironic now that I think of it). The poor thing couldn’t have been more than 10″ long and no thicker than a pencil, but I was determined to plant it in my yard. My mom was such a good sport about it. She found a spot in the back yard and let me plant the tree among the overgrowth and weeds. Later that summer she decided to relandscape in the backyard and made me move the little tree that was surprisingly still alive. This time she let me plant in the front yard, in the shadow of a pine tree that was nearly twice the height of our house. I put a little fence around it and watched as it miraculously survived careless mowings and countless baseball/football/soccer games played in the yard. As the years went by this  little tree soon became a family joke. We realized that it was actually going to survive, despite the odds (ie, for many years the tiny tree was first base when my brother and his friends played baseball). It grew slowly, but as it filled out it took the shape of the perfect Christmas tree and every year my dad threatened to cut it down and put it in the living room. Tomorrow that tree will be 19. My brother and his friends are grown up, my parents are gone, their house sold, and even the giant pine twice the size of the house has been cut down, but that tree still stands in front yard, as perfect as ever and at least 20′ tall. I may have to visit my tree tomorrow and wish it a happy Earth/birthday.

 April 22, 2010: People around the world will celebrate the 40th anniversary of Earth Day and the birth of the modern environmental movement.

At Rocky River Library we will be hosting a “Greening Your Home” program. If you live in the neighborhood you could leave the car at home and walk to the library to learn how to make your house more environmentally friendly. I also recommend planting a tiny tree.




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