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One for the Money February 20, 2010

Posted by Donna in Fiction, Thoughtful Ramblings.

I’m a big fan of Janet Evanovich and her Stephanie Plum books. The first book, published in 1994, was  One for the Money. (check our Reading Room review) Janet Evanovich posted on her website that if the book ever became a movie she would like to see Sandra Bullock cast as Stephanie Plum. Well, finally after 15 years, Columbia Pictures have announced who they have signed to play Stephanie Plum — Katherine Heigl! Hmmm….I’m not sure about that choice…What do you think?

I couldn’t find any other information about who else has been signed for the movie.  I’ll keep you posted…For now, I’m sticking to the books…Sizzling Sixteen will be out in mid-June. I can’t wait! She needs to be with Morelli. Happy Reading!     ~Donna



1. Jus_de_Fruit - March 11, 2010

Sandra Bullock would have been great, i think, but she’s probably too old now. Katherine Heigl is a great actress, so maybe she can pull it off. I really hope so.
I think Reese Witherspoon would have been an even worse choice than Katherine Heigl.

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