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Winter Olympics vs. Reading Olympics February 12, 2010

Posted by Donna in Thoughtful Ramblings, Uncategorized.

   The 2010 Winter Olympics start today! I’m eagerly anticipating the opening ceremonies, the competitions and of course, the athletes’ stories.  I am not a winter athlete. The only way I know how to stop at ice skating is to fall down. Guess what? The only way I know how to stop at skiing is to fall down or to run into something at the bottom of the hill. I’m terrified of the ski lifts! Did I mention that I intensely dislike the snow, cold and ice? I am a great armchair television viewer (I think I could win the gold medal in that event) and I truly admire and envy all those athletes who are so, so, so, much better than me at their individual sports. This is why I LOVE to watch the Olympics!

   Of course, I think there should be a Reading Olympics. I believe that I could be very competitive at reading. After all, I have read all of the Harry Potter books…all 4,000 pages or so. I have read all of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series…all 6,000 pages or so. I am now reading (and it’s almost 600 pages long), The Swan Thieves by Elizabeth Kostova. Don’t you think these reading accomplishments should count for something?

I didn’t count the words while I was reading, only the pages so I’m not sure where these totals would compare to the book, Marienbad My Love. This E-book first published online in 2008 is considered to be the longest English novel in the world with 17 million words (who took the time to count all those words?). It is a love story about the end of the word and can be fully downloaded at Marienbadmylove.com. Check it out. Supposedly, the book also has the longest word, a 4.4 million letter noun and the longest sentence at 3 million words. Marienbad My Love is just the condensed title. The true book title is considered to be the longest book title ever recorded at 6,700 words. Wow!

   Oh well, I may not qualify for the Reading Olympics by reading the most words this year but I’m determined to keep reading….who knows, maybe next year, I may qualify….

                                                    Happy Reading!   ~Donna




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