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U is for Undertow February 4, 2010

Posted by Ann in Mystery, New Books.



Unbelievably Sue Grafton has done it again. U is for Undertow, her 22nd Kinsey Millhone mystery is as fresh as her first book, and in my opinion better. All the regular characters (her octogenarian neighbor Henry, Cheney Phillips Sue’s ex-boyfriend and cop, etc.) are here for a cold case that takes the investigation back to 1967 (remember in Grafton’s books, the present is the 1980’s; this one is set in 1988). In 1967, there was an abduction of a little girl who was never found. Now, nineteen years later, a young man who was six-years-old at the time comes to Kinsey claiming he believes he saw the kidnappers burying the body of the kidnapped girl behind a neighbor’s house. The man, Michael Sutton, wants Sue to undertake an investigation. The narrative moves back and forth from the hippie era to 1988 and is utterly believable.

U is for Sue doing her utmost by writing another mystery right up there with all the rest- keeping us hooked on Kinsey and fearing the ugly truth that there will probably be only five more books left in the series.




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