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Latest Additions January 25, 2010

Posted by stacey in Thoughtful Ramblings.
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I think it’ll only be one more week and we’ll be back to normal! -Or as normal as anything ever gets?- But until then I must give PBS another shout-out: “Thank you PBS! Thank you for those fabulous Masterpiece Classic miniseries!” I loved Cranford and I plan to love Return to Cranford. (I missed them on television and will be watching the online episodes.) And I loved the first episode of Emma last night! I am a big fan of Ms. Austen from way back in junior high and have even joined The Jane Austen Society of North America. I like to think that means I can call myself a diehard Janeite, don’t you? I have a long list of sequels and prequels and stories adapted from Austen’s works that I love but there are also some books and films that I find regretful… Are you curious? Are you wondering what I would recommend for other Austen fans? Well then, come on in! While we wait just a little while longer for our beloved Reading Room to come back to us, we’d love to see you all in person!




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