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What If There Were an American Author Idol? January 13, 2010

Posted by Evelyn in Book Awards, Fiction, Thoughtful Ramblings, Thrillers.
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Would we judge authors on their looks? their prose? or maybe even the jacket covers of their books? Hmmm…..What a dilemma! I was wondering about this last night since it was pretty quiet on the reference desk and someone suggested that everyone was home watching American Idol. They told me there was even a Facebook page asking President Obama not to schedule his State of the Union speech to conflict with the program.

If I apply American Idol judging to pick the book I read next, which do you think would win?

The Bone Chamber by Robin Burcell


The First Rule by Robert Crais


Or, Impact by Douglas Preston

I like them all, so I’ll just flip a coin to choose. Maybe I’m just a little Paula  Abdul-ish at heart.




1. Cassandra Jade - January 13, 2010

From those covers The Bone Chamber would win because it is the most interesting, followed by Impact because it has the brightest colours and The First Rule comes last because the author’s name is bigger than the title and the cover is pretty plain looking.
I’m really glad there isn’t an idol for books. Good writing wouldn’t stand a chance.

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