Latest Additions

Well. I’m not really sure where to start today… Should I start with the mini-rant about the endless snow of today? Or perhaps I should explain why there aren’t any Latest Additions to share? You’re right. I should start with old business before moving on to new business. Hey, I know Robert’s Rules of Order thank you very much! And if I didn’t already just have that information in my brain, I know I could find it at the library! So. Old business. That would be why there aren’t any Latest Additions to post today…  Well, let’s see… I guess the most basic explanation is that our technology people recommended that the Northeast Ohio Regional Library System host our Reading Room database on their server. They’ve already moved all the old files, but now they’ve caught up to the newer things we’ve added and they’d like us to take a little pause so they can be sure they’ve got everything. What does this actually mean to you, our loyal followers? Not too much except that we won’t have anything new to share for a week or so, but feel free to look over the many, many, many, many older entries! The Reading Room will continue to look and function the same way as it always has, so feel free to browse away! Or why not check out the latest Between the Covers? Still so many choices!

And for new business? The snow? Ugh! I knew it was going to be one of those kinds of days when I left my house this morning and I could see a wedge of snow on the upstairs window ledge. Why is it feast or famine? So little snow in December that we almost broke some “no snow” record and now, four days into January, the snow won’t stop falling! What’s that about? The upside? What a perfect day to stay inside and read a book, right?


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