Boom Boom Pow!

Next weekend is the 4th of July and that means it’s time to celebrate. Usually, this means picnics, outdoor fun and fireworks!


Of course, if your neighborhood’s fireworks display has been cancelled this year, you might be interested in some alternative ideas to the usual fare. Here’s some thoughts:

Host a campfire!  There’s nothing like a crackling fire to warm your soul. And, who doesn’t love an excuse to make s’mores?

Go stargazing! Stars are nature’s fireworks. Drive to a remote location and gaze away! Ahhh!

Get crafty with the kids! Make your own noisemakers. Draw your own flags.  Blow bubbles! Decorate your bikes and wagons with red, white, and blue streamers and host your own parade!

Make this year’s barbecue an all-nighter!  Put the tent up in the backyard and listen to the sounds of nature. (Hint: Better grab some OFF! That’s the sound of mosquitoes you are hearing!)


Don’t despair. If these ideas don’t sound good to you, some neighboring communities are still planning on lighting up the skies. Check out this link to find out where you can enjoy pyrotechnics:

Whatever you do, have a Happy Independence Day!


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