Daily Coyote and the No. 1 Ladies Detective


Fan’s of The Daily Coyote by Shreve Stockton should be checking out Shreve Stockton’s blog for the continuing story of Charlie the coyote, Eli, and Shreve. Pictures are posted each day, Shreve frequently comments, and you can follow her Twitters there too. Charlie and Eli got a new baby sister, a pup named Chloe last spring. Shreve posted a funny story a few weeks ago, when she took into her house a newborn calf for the night. Eli the cat walked in later, took a look at the sleeping calf and looked at Shreve as if to say “OH, no.  Please tell me you’re joking!!


I don’t have HBO at home. Too bad. I’d like to have seen the first of the new HBO series based on “The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency” books by Alexander McCall-Smith. From what I have read, the TV series is top quality, filmed on location in Botswana. I’m hoping for a future release on DVD, and that we will be purchasing the films for our RRPL collection!


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