Kate Atkinson

In December I discovered Kate Atkinson. What a find! I read her latest book, When Will There be Good News?, a mystery featuring sleuth Jackson Brodie. Even though Mr. Brodie plays a prominent role in the novel, there are many other chief characters as well, particularly the memorable teenager Reggie Chase. It is Reggie who badgers and pesters and finally convinces Jackson that something has happened to Joanna, her employer. Atkinson writes a literary mystery and has a somewhat dark worldview, but is a magnificent and impressive writer. When Will There be Good News? is actually the third book featuring Jackson Brodie. The series begins with Case Histories and continues with One Good Turn. As soon as I finished the third, I immediately grabbed Case Histories, where the reader learns much more about Brodie’s personal life, and is just as good as When Will There be Good News? I have yet to read the second in the series, One Good Turn, but since it just arrived at my house from England (sent by a fellow BookMooch member), I can’t wait to start it.


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