Can I Have a Witness?

By now you must have heard something about those books written for teens, but enjoyed by all ages, about the girl and the vampire. Right? …No? Um, has it been uncomfortable for you, living under that rock? Well, here’s a small hint about this big nationwide phenomenon. (Heck, there was even a segment about this whole deal on CBS News Sunday Morning!) An author named Stephenie Meyer wrote a series of books about a girl named Bella and the boy she loves desperately. Edward loves Bella just as much. The trouble comes from his being super strong, immortal, and unwilling to make Bella a vampire. And then to make things more complicated, there’s competition for Bella’s hand from Jacob — a werewolf. That’s a lot of troubled love, sigh. But it’s not all sad. I think a big part of the appeal is seeing how committed the fans of these books are to the series. Here is an eyewitness account of two events celebrating the release of the last book:

“Encouraged by my daughter, I’ve been reading the Twilight Saga books by Stephenie Meyer. I recently had the chance to check out two release parties for the latest title. While in Columbus with my family, we visited a local Barnes & Noble on the evening of the release party for Breaking Dawn, the fourth and reported final book in the series. Many book stores and libraries around the country were having theme parties, and we wondered how they would present theirs. They were having a wedding! Customers who had pre-ordered copies, plus many who hoped to get lucky and snag one of the extra books, came dressed as wedding guests. There was a wedding cake, trivia contests, raffles, and other theme-based activities. It was thrilling to see several hundred teens and young adults showing their enthusiasm for the much-anticipated book.

Last week I went to the release party at my local library. The Domonkas Branch of the Lorain Public Library in Sheffield Lake had a Prom theme. While it was a smaller group of about 30 Prom go-ers, they were no less enthusiastic. The librarian provided a trivia contest, prize drawing, a viewing of the trailer for the movie “Twilight” based on the first book in the saga, and a beautiful red velvet cake.

How fantastic it was to see these young people so excited, not for the release of the latest video game, but for a book!

—Chris Geis

Don’t worry if you missed this round of parties, I’ve already heard Ms. Meyer is working on Edward’s version of the story… I think I’m excited! Aren’t you?

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