Carol’s Summer Reads

My list of books I have been meaning to read/dying to read is so long it’s pitiful.  I’ll just offer a few samples: 

1.) Unraveling, by Michelle Baldini & Lynn Biederman.

I don’t normally read Teen books, but this one is special– it was given to me by one of the author who was one an organizer of a conference I recently attended at Kent State.  Also, the subject matter (a teenage girl’s relationship to her mother) is near and dear to me since I have three daughters. 

2.) Franklin and Lucy, by Joseph E. Persico.

Yes, I know the reviews say, “do we really need to know all this??”  Nevertheless I am still pruriently fascinated by the story of Franklin Roosevelt and Lucy Rutherford (also Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemmings).  Even our great leaders have their weaknesses.  Sounds like a good summer read. 

I have more, but have to check my stash at home. 

— Carol (Cowan Pottery Curator)

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