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The Lobster’s Last Stand February 27, 2008

Posted by Ann in Fiction.

lobster.jpgI keep lists of books I want to read. I get to about 20% of them. Sometimes I have to make myself throw away the very oldest lists, which is what I did when I moved to Oklahoma for a year and did a complete housecleaning. Near the end of my 2007 list, is a book called Last Night at the Lobster. When my husband announced a few weeks ago that a couple of people where he works were doing an informal book discussion group and that the first book they chose was Last Night at the Lobster by Stewart O’Nan, I decided to read it too. As it turns out, I was also able to attend the first discussion.

The story follows Manny, a restaurant manager of a down-and-out Red Lobster at the edge of an older mall, on the last night for the restaurant. To top it off, it’s only a few days before Christmas, and there is a vicious snowstorm blowing. Manny is lucky that any of his staff has showed up. As you read about the fine tuning each night of running a restaurant requires and about how Manny deals with his often cantankerous crew, you realize that O’Nan has an eye and ear for writing about the working class. In fact, he did his homework, swiping menus, observing traffic patterns, and interviewing Red Lobster employees around the country. This book is a little gem.




1. 1minutebookreviewswordpresscom - February 28, 2008

May I make a suggestion? Why not make clear right away in your heading or “Who” section that you are Rocky River, OHIO (if that’s who you are)? Many people who visit your site may not be from the Buckeye State and may wonder about this.

I gravitated to this blog because I was the book editor of the Plain Dealer for 11 years and found that so many libraries in the area are great, including the CPL (which was ahead of the rest of the country with Freenet and in other ways). But I couldn’t find anything that said specifically that you were Rocky River, Ohio, blog, only indirect comments that might suggest it.

Yours is a good site and an “Ohio” tag might help more people find it. The comment about the art on the cover of Danielle Steel’s new book was perceptive. I hadn’t noticed that before you mentioned it. But the picture is a departure from the usual embossed-metallic font. Thanks for pointing it out. Good luck with the blog, too.
Jan Harayda
One-Minute Book Reviews

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