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Rain, Rain, Go Away June 30, 2015

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Has it rained enough for you this month?  Here in Cleveland we are just about an inch short of recorded setting rain fall for the month of June.  I had the opportunity to drive across the state over the weekend and it sure seems like there is excessive water everywhere.  One good thing about the rain?  Plenty of time to read!

Stay dry and enjoy this down time!

Happy reading!


The Perks of Ohio Libraries June 22, 2015

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We’ve got it good here in Ohio.  The more immersed I become in the library world, the more I realize how little the citizens of Ohio realize just how good we have it when it comes to our libraries.  Did you know as a resident of Ohio you can get a library card at ANY Ohio public library?  It’s true.

I’m so used to the accessibility of Ohio libraries that I didn’t really think about how libraries work in other states. Some of my cousins moved out west and when they were back in Cleveland for a visit last year one of the ongoing topics of conversation was how much they missed the libraries in Ohio.  Not only are the collections of Ohio libraries above and beyond those of their small municipal libraries in Utah, but they are also restricted to only using their local library.

I urge all residents of Ohio to start using your libraries.  Yes, that means any public library you are within range of!  Heck, even if you’re just passing through a city or town, stop in and sign up for a library card.  Just about all Ohio libraries have digital collections that are easily accessed with just your library card number.  I personally collect library cards from around the state.  I’ve found this beneficial when I’m trying to get my hands on an ebook or digital audiobook that is in high demand.  I can see what libraries own it, and request it from any system I have a card for.  Then voila! The title is usually downloaded to my OverDrive bookshelf within a few minutes, even if it was unavailable from my local library.

What does it take for residents of Ohio to sign up for library cards at Ohio public libraries?  Generally, a government issued photo ID, and two other forms of proof of address.  Pieces of mail like utilities bills will work just fine. I keep a few pieces of mail buried in my wallet just in case the opportunity to acquire a new library card presents itself.

If you live in Ohio  now is the time to start exploring the public libraries in your area and the awesome collections and programs that they offer!


Happy Anniversay – Library of Congress April 18, 2015

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On April 24, 1800 Congress approved an act providing “for the purchase of such books as may be necessary for the use of Congress…and for fitting up a suitable apartment for containing them.”

The Library of Congress (http://www.loc.gov) is the nation’s oldest federal cultural institution and serves as the research arm of Congress. Comprised of three buildings: The Thomas Jefferson Building, the James Madison Building and the John Adams Building, it is the largest library in the world containing millions of books, recordings, photographs, maps and manuscripts in its collection.


The End of the Civil War – April 1865 April 16, 2015

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 Surrender  – Appomattox, Virginia – April 9, 1865


Using the parlor of Wilmer McLean’s home, Robert E. Lee, commanding general of the Army of Northern Virginia, surrendered his men to Ulysses S. Grant, general-in-chief of all United States forces. Lee’s surrender signaled the end of the Southern states’ attempt to create a separate nation. Three days later the men of the Army of Northern Virginia marched before the Union Army, laid down their flags, stacked their weapons, and began the journey back to their homes. This was a new beginning for the nation.

5 Days Later – April 14, 1865 – Lincoln Assassinated


President Abraham Lincoln was shot by John Wilkes Booth while watching a performance of “Our American Cousin” at Ford’s Theatre, Washington D.C. He died the following day.

The library subscribes to a variety of engaging history magazines.

You’re invited to stop by and check out –

American History

American Spirit

Civil War Times

Military History




87 Years and Counting April 13, 2015

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April 12th – 18th

It’s time to celebrate the contributions of libraries and librarians and to promote use and support.

Rocky River Public Library Historic Milestones


April is National Poetry Month April 1, 2015

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We pay tribute to the great legacy and ongoing achievement of American poets

and the vital place of poetry in American culture.

In addition to a wide variety of books on poets and poetry, the Rocky River Public Library subscribes to-

Poets & Writers – the primary source of information, support, and guidance for creative writers.

Writer’s Digest – a resource for writers, celebrating the writing life

and what it means to be a writer in today’s publishing environment.


Tea is the New Coffee! February 24, 2015

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It’s been bitterly cold out here in the Cleveland area! Or, haven’t you noticed? Rather than complain about it, I’ll share one of the ways I’ve been staying warm during this (seemingly endless) winter! I’m drinking more tea!

We no longer want to pitch our tea into the Boston harbor. (An act which would be less effective given its current frozen-over state). We just want to drink it.

It’s nothing new. Tea has been around for thousands of years, and yet, just in recent years, tea is growing in popularity all over the U.S., including the Cleveland area where we have new tea shops like: The Tea Lab in Lakewood, Cleveland Tea Revival on w. 29th Street, Tea-vana on Cedar Road, and the airport’s Inca Tea, just to name a few! Americans are craving this tasty, hot beverage more than ever!

cupofteaAnd with good reason! Did you know that drinking tea is good for you too?

Tea can neutralize free radicals in the body, decrease your blood cholesterol, reduce your body fat, and inhibit high blood pressure. Some types of teas can stimulate digestion and stimulate the elimination of fats! Tea is antibacterial, anti-fungal, has Vitamins C, B, E, Folic Acid, B Carotene, Potassium, Calcium, Phosphorus, Fluorine, and Chlorophyll.

Want to learn more? Check out these articles:




Or stop in Rocky River Public Library for these books:

Tales Of A Tea Leaf : The Complete Guide To Tea Cuisine by Jill Yates

Liquid Jade : The Story Of Tea From East To West by Beatrice Hohenegger

The Ultimate Tea Diet : your guide to good health one cup of tea at a time : how tea can boost your metabolism, shrink your appetite, and kick-start remarkable weight loss by Mark Ukra

So, grab your book, make a cup, drink up, and (try to) stay warm!   


Who Are You and What Are You Doing Here? February 17, 2015

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 Who are you? No, really?

 Do you know your grandparent’s names? What about your great-great grandparent’s names? Do you know where they lived? If they were born in America or Overseas? Were they Italian, Irish, Middle Eastern?

 I love learning about my own ancestry, and based on the popularity of PBS shows like Genealogy Roadshow, African-American Lives, and Finding Your Roots, as well as the use of websites like Ancestry.com, it is obvious that many other people do too.

 Did you know that you can research your family roots with resources provided by your favorite library? Here at Rocky River Public Library, we subscribe to two genealogy research databases, Ancestry (for in-library use only) and Heritage Quest. Did I mention they are free to use with your library card? You can find access to those resources at: http://www.rrpl.org/research/research_subject.html#genealogy We also link to cool searchable websites like Ellis Island passenger lists (http://libertyellisfoundation.org/passenger), the Ohio Death Index, and others that can help you get to the bottom of just how and when your people got here, their occupations, and who they lived with. Just think, you might just find a long-lost cousin or two.

I found census records for my family from 1920, enlistment cards from my Grandfather’s time in the Army, death records for family members I didn’t know existed, and much, much more! One of my favorite discoveries is a picture of the ship my grandparents emigrated upon, the Oropesa:

oropesaAre you curious about your origins? Why not try searching your family tree? What might you discover?

I hope you enjoy finding out!


We’re readers! Let’s talk about it! February 10, 2015

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Love your library? Me too! Love to read? Oh, me too! Hey, have you read the latest John Grisham book? So did I!

I hear conversations like the above every day here at Rocky River Public Library. As a matter of fact, I’m often in the middle of one of them.

 I don’t know about you but when I finish reading what I consider a “really good” book, I like to share, recommend, and talk about it! And when my friends inside or outside of the library have read that same book too, it makes the conversation even better–even if they *gasp* didn’t love it, or even if they *worse* hated it! There’s something about this kind of shared experience and connection of the book that I just don’t get when discussing a TV show or a movie. Reading can be so personal—you hear the author’s words your own voice; you imagine the characters’ looks and nuances as you read; you can share a specific experience or thought with a character in a story. And yet, so many of us love to talk about the book experience when it is over. Is this validation we are looking for? Excuses to avoid our real-world responsibilities in order to sit and read? Whatever the reason, for many of us, that ‘follow-up’ is just as much of a need as the original desire to read a book.

 Looking for a place to get that need met? Stop in the library, browse our books, and talk to our librarians about what you like to read. We love sharing our favorites too! Want to delve a little deeper? We host book clubs for all ages! Come join one! You can find out about our book clubs (and other programs) here: http://oh.evanced.info/rrpl/lib/eventcalendar.asp We hope to see you soon.

 Now, go ahead, get back to that book!


It’s Groundhog Day (Again)! February 2, 2015

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Today is Groundhog Day! “Why celebrate?” you ask. Yes, I agree that it’s a day of tradition that usually just brings us bad news. Indeed, according to news reports today, Punxsutawney Phil has already seen his shadow. If you believe his forecasting skills, we now we have six more weeks of winter to look forward to. Don’t be too sad–just think of all the great reading and movie watching you can do stuck inside all those extra days.

In fact, I’m sure I’ll be able to catch one of my all-time favorite movies on TV. Groundhog Day will no doubt be on at least one channel this evening. I love this movie, and not just because it stars the wonderful, Bill Murray. I love Groundhog Day, because it is the ultimate ‘do-over’ film. I love nothing better than a story where the character gets a chance to relive their past to get it right.

Another great ‘do-over’ movie is Sliding Doors. Gwyneth Paltrow stars as a London woman whose future hinges on whether or not she catches a train. Her character’s two realities run parallel in this film about fate and choices, but it’s hard not to root for her ‘better’ half to get it right in the end.

For great ‘do-over’ reading, pick up Rainbow Rowell’s newest novel, Landline. This novel is about a marriage on the rocks. Georgie and Neal are separated at Christmas, and the only way Georgie can talk to her husband is on an old landline phone in her childhood bedroom. In there, the Neal who answers her calls is Neal from her past college days, pre-marriage. Can Georgie get her husband to fall for her all over again?

Sure, this is pure escape, reading and viewing fun! But, think about it! What would you do if you had a chance to do something over again?    ~Carol


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